Day Seventy-One

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This old airplane engine is sitting out in front of the feed store. The texture really benefits from a HDR treatment. [ viagra side effects | viagra dosage | usa generic viagra | alternate uses for viagra | generic viagra … Continue reading

Day Seventy

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Sunset at the Santa Cruz lighthouse. Surfers, bikers, hula hoopers… HULA HOOPERS? I love living here. [ viagra through canada | getting viagra | buy viagra line | where to buy cialis | does viagra expire | long term effects … Continue reading

Day Sixty-Nine

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There is nothing like a family outing to watch women knock each other around on roller skates. Our local derby teams had a double header on Saturday and if you haven’t seen derby yet, run, don’t walk to the nearest … Continue reading

Day Sixty-Seven

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Cocktails at the new ocean front restaurant, Aquarius. iPhone processed with Best Camera [ herbal viagra wf | cialis refractory | viagra injectable | buy viagra in england | best price for generic cialis | viagra discount uk | … Continue reading

Day Sixty-Six

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Day Sixty-Five

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A beautiful ending to the day at the Santa Cruz lighthouse. The combination of the sunset and great waves drew surfers, photographers, tourists, families and this quintessential Santa Cruzan on his bike. To add to the magic there were dolphins … Continue reading