Day Fifteen

Day15-8835 © 2009 . All rights reserved.

New school meets old school. For this photo, an iPhone was the only light source. With the dSLR on a tripod and the shutter open, I painted the old camera with an iPhone projecting different colored lights. The app I … Continue reading

Day Fourteen

day14-8794 © 2009 . All rights reserved.

The football field at the local high school was quiet this Sunday. The practice equipment stood silent, waiting. I thought of all the young players who would be hurling themselves against these pads in the weeks to come, hoping, wishing … Continue reading

Day Twelve

day12-8604-2 © 2009 . All rights reserved.

Pacific Avenue on a Friday afternoon in Santa Cruz. There are always street performers and homeless people looking for a handout on this street. This afternoon I watched  a troupe performing all kinds of magic and juggling tricks while standing … Continue reading

Day Eleven

Day11-0762 © 2009 . All rights reserved.

iPhone shot today. You can see by the subject matter what I was up to last evening. I don’t want to make this a gear or tech blog, but I really am amazed with the iPhone 3GS autofocus.

Day Ten

DAY10-8567 © 2009 . All rights reserved.

The BMX park in Santa Cruz was full of flying men. I was amazed how much air these guys were getting. I interacted with them and asked if they were ok with me photographing them. They were great and we … Continue reading

Day Nine

Firefighter training © 2009 . All rights reserved.

As the day wore on and I hadn’t taken a photo yet, I started to get stressed out. What was I going to shoot? The light was leaving! I shouldn’t have worried. There are photos everywhere, in every light. I … Continue reading

Day Eight

Redshirt © 2009 . All rights reserved.

I drove by a sports fields and saw the local Pop Warner football league practicing. I couldn’t get over the size of some of the small ones. I was hoping to make an image of the cute little ones but … Continue reading

Day Seven

Felton tattoos © 2009 . All rights reserved.

One week down. I thought about where to make a photo today and decided to make it with the iPhone. We had just watched Pattie Maxine play at the local watering hole, Don Quixotes, in Felton. This Tattoo sign caught … Continue reading

Day Six

Cormorant at Elkhorn Slough © 2009 . All rights reserved.

We spent today kayaking with friends at Elkhorn Slough in Moss Landing. I bought an Olympus Stylus 6000, which is waterproof, to take photos while kayaking. It has been a while since I used a consumer-level point and shoot. Two … Continue reading

Day Five

Sniffing buck UCSC © 2009 . All rights reserved.

After yesterday’s sunset I resolved to return with a longer lens tonight! The smoke was terrible all day and I was sure it would lead to a great sunset. By the time Theresa and I got to UCSC most of … Continue reading

Day Four

Lockheed Fire sunset at UCSC © 2009 . All rights reserved.

There has been a huge wildfire this week here in Santa Cruz County (the Lockheed fire). Luckily, no homes were lost. The smoke has created some amazing sunsets and last night as I drove up towards UCSC I couldn’t believe … Continue reading